The Missing Sync 3.0 for Windows Mobile

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The Missing Sync 3.0 for Windows Mobile

The Missing Sync 3.0 for Windows Mobile | 31,1 Mb
Windows Mobile, meet Mac OS X

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile lets you easily connect and synchronize Pocket PCs and smartphones with your Mac. Sync with Address Book, iCal, Microsoft Entourage, iPhoto, iTunes and more. For work. For play. For life. It's really amazing what these devices can do for you when connected through The Missing Sync. Read on to learn more.

Device Support Broad connectivity and device support
Nearly all smartphones and Pocket PCs made since 2002 are supported, including the very latest devices running Windows Mobile 5 (WM5). In fact, the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile is the only Mac sync software for WM5 devices. Whether you have an iPAQ (old or new), the Motorola Q, Palm Treo, or the HTC TyTN, you'll be able to transfer information back and forth with your Mac via Bluetooth or USB. View the complete list of supported devices.

Sync Address Book All your contacts in your pocket
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile ensures that all of your important contacts are kept in sync between Apple's Address Book or Microsoft Entourage 2004 and your Windows Mobile device. Phone numbers, email and postal addresses, groups/categories and birthdays are kept updated in both locations. Additionally, instant message addresses and contact photos sync with WM5 devices.

Sync iCal Manage your time more effectively
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile also synchronizes your calendar events and tasks from iCal or Microsoft Entourage 2004 with your smartphone or Pocket PC. If you set a calendar reminder on the Mac, your Windows Mobile device will notify you. Check off tasks as you complete them throughout the day, and sync those changes when you get back to your desk.

Mark/Space Notebook The most important information, when you need it
The Missing Sync includes a supporting program for free called Mark/Space Notebook, which allows you to create, edit, categorize, sort and search notes on your Mac, then sync them via The Missing Sync with your Windows Mobile device. It even syncs voice recordings from your device to the Mac, and support for dot Mac syncing keeps your notes current across multiple computers. You can also choose to synchronize your device's notes with Microsoft Entourage or Yojimbo, the awesome information organizer from Bare Bones, makers of BBEdit.

Folder SyncLike a digital briefcase
You can even choose folders or individual files that you want The Missing Sync to keep in sync between your Mac and Windows Mobile device. Word and Excel files, graphics, whatever. Make changes to a file with the mobile edition of Word, and The Missing Sync will copy the updated version to your Mac during the next sync.

iPhoto syncSlideshows at your fingertips
Simply check the iPhoto albums you want to send to the device, and The Missing Sync will transfer them the next time you sync, automatically resizing each photo to fit the screen. And if your device has a camera, the photos and videos you take with it can be imported to a folder of your choosing on the Mac or right into an iPhoto album. Did we mention that The Missing Sync includes the top-rated Windows Mobile image viewer, SplashPhoto, for free?

iTunes syncForgot your iPod?
Your Windows Mobile device can provide tunes or 'casts for those times when your iPod isn't handy. While smartphones and Pocket PCs can't play protected songs from the iTunes Music Store, unprotected music and podcasts can be sent to the device when you sync, just by checking playlists from iTunes. You bring the headphones, and The Missing Sync will make sure you have something good to hear.

Install Windows Mobile Applications from your MacInstall files and mobile apps
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile includes a smart install feature that can install applications and other types of files to the correct location on your device. Many software providers, including those in the Mark/Space Online Store, offer handheld applications in Windows' cabinet file format (.CAB), which The Missing Sync will recognize and install to your device. You can even customize where you want files to install based on their file type.

Sync EntourageUse your favorite desktop apps
The Missing Sync uses Apple's Sync Services technology, allowing information from other Sync Services-savvy applications, such as Chronos SOHO Organizer, Microsoft Entourage 2004 and soon, Market Circle Daylite, to sync between your Mac and your device. As more applications use this technology, The Missing Sync will be able to pass their data to your Windows Mobile device, increasing its flexibility and usefulness.