TheSleuthhound! Pro 4.63 PowerPack

Posted By: Alexpal
The FULL power of First Class Search Programs in one package!

TheSleuthhound! Pro 4.63 PowerPack

TheSleuthhound! Pro 4.63 PowerPack | 3,31 Mb

• ALL currently available Plug-Ins.
• In-built ability to search complex documents such PDF, MS PowerPoint.
• In-built ability to search within ZIP archives.
• NEW! Ability to search through MS Outlook Express and MS Outlook email mailboxes with attachments.
• Updated Improved MS Outlook Plug-In ver.2.1 works with any version of MS Outlook and does instant index and search of email messages and attachments.
• Unlimited number of documents in the Search Zone.
• Unlimited number of Search Zones.
• The Sleuthhound! Pro Power Pack is available for 10 languages include Spanish, German, French, Italian, and others.
• Supports more than 22 document types.

Hot Features:
New! New set of email related plug-ins: Outlook Express Plug-In, MS Outlook Plug-In.
New! "Deep Search" option that automatically extends search query also to document properties. This option is useful for searching by any document properties in additional with document text.
New! "Wide Search" option that allows to search for any words from search query. This option is useful for getting wide search results for wide researching.

Plug-Ins included:
Outlook Express Plug-In ver 2.0
MS Outlook Plug-In ver 2.1
MP3 WMA ID Tags Plug-In ver 1.2
MHT Plug-In ver 2.1
Adobe Acrobat PDF document Plug-In ver 2.8
Microsoft Excel document Plug-In ver 2.0
ZIP archives processor Plug-In ver 1.4
Microsoft PowerPoint document Plug-In ver 1.5
WordPerfect (7.0 - 9.0 ) Document Plug-In ver 1.2
Extended HTML document Plug-In ver 1.2

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