ThumbsPlus Pro 7.1

Posted By: vjudragon
ThumbsPlus Pro 7.1

ThumbsPlus Pro 7.1 | 38.6MB

ThumbsPlus can now create, handle and view alpha channels in 24-bit and 48-bit images. Alpha channels will be loaded and saved to TGA, PNG and TIF files. You can use the View | Channels menu to select which channels to display.

Edit | Create Alpha Channel will create an alpha channel from the current selection.

A new View Bar is available, which displays three tabs:
* Channels - Displays information about the image data, including channels displayed, position, RGB value at cursor, channel and intensity histograms, and an image map, indicating the portion of the image currently displayed and the current selection.
* Info - Same as the Info tab in the main window.
* Comments - Image comments.

Size: 38.6 MB