TierDeveloper Dot NET Enterprise Edition v5.2.3

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TierDeveloper Dot NET Enterprise Edition v5.2.3

TierDeveloper Dot NET Enterprise Edition v5.2.3 | windows | 17,38mb

Develop complex object oriented applications in 50% less time with TierDeveloper. Save time without compromising on quality of your code. TierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generation tool that lets you map and generate well designed .NET business and data objects. TierDeveloper also generates custom ASP.NET and Windows Forms apps.Code Generation, .NET Code Generation Tool for Object Relational Mapping & .NET Code Generator

TierDeveloper 5.2 Features

TierDeveloper is a Code Generation tool having features of template based code generation that enables you to generate business and data access objects. Below are some features of TierDeveloper 5.0 Have a look at them below:

Map to a single table or multiple tables
Map to a view (read-only or in update mode)
Define unmapped objects and create tables for them automatically
Support for auto-generated keys (Identity keys and sequenced values)
Select subset of table-columns as object attributes
Support for formula (computed) fields in objects
Support for NULL values (IsNull and SetNull)
Name object attributes different from table-columns
Support all the data types in target language including BLOB
Data validation on attributes provided including range-checking, greater than, or less than checking
Extendible field validation framework. Add your own custom field validation logic
Required and optional field checking
Save an object only if it is "dirty" (meaning data is changed in it)
Serialization support for all objects

Transaction Support

Specify insert, update, delete, and single-row select operations
Specify multiple insert and single-row update operations
Specify bulk updates and deletes with custom where-clause
Specify transactional characteristics of objects for COM+
Full transaction support for non-COM+ components in a parent-child relationship
Non-COM+ components can also be part of client initiated transactions
Transaction isolation levels for each object

and much more…
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