Total Recorder ver. 6.1 Professional

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Total Recorder ver. 6.1 Professional

Total Recorder ver. 6.1 Professional |2,9 MB

Total Recorder records streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input as well as CDs and DVDs. The resulting files are saved on your computer's hard-drive. The system also allows users to schedule any number of future recordings!
n addition to maintenance and the new features added to Standard Edition, Version 6.1 of the Professional and Developer Editions includes the following changes:

* The new Video Add-on allows you to play, record, and edit video files in AVI format. You can record from a video device plugged into your computer, such as a camera, or you can capture video from your screen. You also can schedule a recording from your favourite video services and websites.
* Total Recorder can execute a command line after a file has been recorded or after a recording session has completed. This feature is available when recording in split mode and for a scheduling recording.
* In addition to the ability to shut down your computer when an automatic job completes, you can now have your computer put in standby or hibernate mode.
* Ability to save a stereo file as a mono file with channel mixing. This can be used, for example, to save the left and right channels of a stereo file to separate mono files.
* Total Recorder can merge multiple files into a single file. A period of silence can be inserted between the files or a fading effect can be applied to the files during a merge.
* You can use batch processing to split a number of files.
* You can select whether you want a file permanently deleted or moved to the Recycle Bin when you delete the file.
* A number of other maintenance enhancements