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TreeDBNotes ver. 2.6

Posted By: danculax
TreeDBNotes ver. 2.6

TreeDBNotes ver. 2.6 | 3.2mb

TreeDBNotes Pro stores and represents your information in a comfortable and clear tree-structured form. Each node in such 'tree' represents an associated note, so you can store many mostly independent notes in one notebook. With any note, you can perform the main WordPad-like text-formatting functions (font, color, size, background color, symbols) plus insertion of tables, images. The powerful Table Editor (Insert, Edit, Delete Tables; Insert or Delete Rows/Columns; Edit Cell colors) is easy to use while giving a professional look.

Personal Information Manager / Notes Editor
TreeDbNotes Pro Text Editor has all of the standard Text and Paragraph Editing functions that MS Word or WordPad has (font, color, size, background color, tables, images, symbols, etc.).

Advanced Paragraph and Text formating Options allow you to make your notes distinctive. The powerful Table Editor (Insert, Edit, Delete Tables; Insert or Delete Rows/Columns; Edit Cell colors) is easy to use while giving a professional look.

Personal Contact Manager
You may organize and operate your contacts easily and quickly. With the help of TreeDbNotes Pro tree structures and the filter function, you may find the person you are looking for to write a letter to or edit information. Single key strokes can create lists of addresses or emails to export to a file.

Personal Password / Account Manager
You may organize and operate your password accounts quickly and easily with TreeDbNotes Pro. With the help the tree - structures and the filter functions, you quickly find the necessary information. Quick access and quick copy to the clipboard will help optimize your work. With the help of one key stroke to create lists of links or emails to export to a file.

Text Editor
Comments editor for Passwords and Contacts.

TreeDBNotes Pro - Features
* Personal Information Manager / Organizer.
* Multilanguage interface.
* Alarm & Reminders.
* Personal Contact Manager.
* Password / Account Manager.
* eBook publishing (read, create your own stand-alone eBooks, free *.tdp e-Book reader).
* Convenient tree-structured form of notes representation.
* Advanced Database encryption and password protection.
* Screen Capture tools (Clipboard, JPG, BMP).
* Full text and paragraph formatting functions like in WordPad or MS Word.
* Support for HTML and MS Word tables.
* Support Palm files PDB, PRC (Export and Import)
* Import, Export Subtree.
* Import from TreePad (*.jht) files.
* Import Notes from *.txt, *.wri, *.rtf, *.csv, Excel, Word, *.html and more.
* Export Notes to *.html, *.wri, *.csv, *.doc and more.
* Recognition of MS Word formatted text from the clipboard.
* Searchable editing history.
* Spell checker.
* Text drag & drop.
* Drag and Drop text from other programs into tree nodes.
* Ability to organize your notes visually by drag and drop.
* Text tools: reverse, math string
* Printing and print preview.
* No limits to note size or number of notes in notebook.
* Templates (Insert, Preview and Edit, rtf, rvf, txt).
* 10 custom text styles.
* Insert file/ link/ image/ time/ date/ symbols/ table / html table.
* Copy Contact or Account information to Clipboard (login, password, name..).
* Powerful Export and Import wizard (CSV and TXT files).
* Dynamic notes loading and saving - extremely saves system memory.
* Fully configurable tree view (color, custom image for each note).
* Several notebooks and Trees can be opened at one time.
* Customizable images for nodes (you are able to select any images for nodes).
* Batch tree nodes edition (image, color) - multi select mode.
* Global HotKey.
* Minimize to System Tray (small icon near clock).
* Minimize by Esc, by Close.
* Database: Backup / Repair / Compact.
* and more…

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Enjoy… :)
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