True Audio TrueRTA Level 4 ver. 3.3

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True Audio TrueRTA Level 4 ver. 3.3

True Audio TrueRTA Level 4 ver. 3.3 | 1,23 Mb

TrueRTA is a software based audio analyzer for testing and evaluating audio systems using just a PC with basic sound capability. The instruments found in TrueRTA include a low distortion signal generator, a digital level meter, a crest factor meter, a dual trace oscilloscope and a high-resolution real time audio spectrum analyzer. By creating these test instruments in software and employing the signal input and output capability of your PC's sound card we are able to offer a level of performance that could only be replaced by many thousands of dollars worth of traditional test instruments. TrueRTA turns your PC into a powerful audio spectrum analyzer normally seen only in better audio research and design laboratories.

Here are the components that make up TrueRTA:
Audio Spectrum Analyzer TrueRTA's audio spectrum analyzer software shows you a detailed picture of what you're hearing in real-time, that is, as it happens. The audio spectrum analyzer shows the changing spectrum of live input signals up to 48kHz (half the maximum sampling frequency). The size of the waveform sample is variable so that shorter samples can be used where a high frame rate is required, as in sampling live music. Longer samples provide increased low frequency resolution with the tradeoff of slower updates. The latter settings are appropriate for highly accurate frequency response measurements. There are a very many uses for an audio spectrum analyzer. Here are just a few:

- Observe the frequency characteristics of live music in real time.
- Observe the frequency characteristics of recorded music or other recorded audio.
- Measure the frequency response of various types of audio equipment.
- Study the noise characteristics of acoustic environments or electronic gear.
- Analyze the distortion characteristics of audio equipment.
- Use as a voice and music learning aid.
- Study the harmonic structure of musical instruments.