TRx Recorder 4.01 - manual telephone recording

Posted By: BigBrother
TRx Recorder 4.01 - manual telephone recording

Designed for call centers, businesses and home use the TRx is simple to install and easy to use. Just connect the telephone line through a voice modem, a telephony card or with a call recording adapter (see below) and you’ll be ready to record telephone calls in just minutes.

All calls are recorded with caller ID details (where available) and logs can be viewed and printed for your records. Recordings are automatically archived and can be searched through the "Find & Play" option by Date, Time and Duration and then burnt to CD for storage. The built in on-hold feature lets you put calls on-hold and play set messages and music to play while they wait.


* Records telephone calls using a voice modem or telephony device or a suitable connector from your phone line to your sound in socket.
* Start and stop recording using system-wide 'hot' keys.
* Lets you put calls on hold with a hold button (professional music and messages on-hold included).
* [Optional] Displays caller ID of all incoming calls (subject to hardware and telephone network features).
* [Optional] Recording-started prompt, recording-stopped prompt, and record tones during call recording.
* Caller ID logging of all incoming calls.
* Save recordings as wave files or send recordings by email.
* Edit recordings with a linked sound editor.
* Automatic mirror of recordings to an alternative (network) folder for backup.