TuEagles Anti-Porn ver.

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TuEagles Anti-Porn ver.

TuEagles Anti-Porn ver. | Win32 | Size: 3,42 Mb

You don't let your kids read just anything, do you? Well, when they surf the Internet, which have not any filter,they can see whatever emerges from it, unless you're there to assign Anti-Porn software to company with them as the porn filter (porn block) software.
Anti-Porn Parental Controls - A comprehensive porn filter software (porn block software) to protect your kids from porn websites like a . Anti-Porn parental controls can filter out adult websites(block porn), which with objects not fit for children, and even filters out chats when offensive and predatory language is used. Anti-Porn software can auto filter out ten thousands of porn websites and you can also easily add in the websites which you don't want children to see. Besides, Anti-Porn filters out internet material by blocking some predatory word, and you can predefine special words, then, children can not see any internet material with those words.

* Filter out porn websites - Anti-Porn parental controls has blocked ten thousands of porn websites.Besides,you can predefine websites you don't let kids visit by yourself.
* Update online - Library of porn websites updates weekly.
* Realtime filter - Realtime porn-filter technique can filter any porn website,which appears recently.
* Close before Display - Anti-Porn parental controls check the whole contents of webpage quickly,and will close the forbidden webpage before kids see it.
* Limit internet chat - Anti-Porn parental controls can limit to use popular chat softwares and limit to access to major chat rooms.
* Time synchronization - Anti-Porn parental controls auto synchronize local time with global time.
* Limit internet access by day and time - You can easily assign internet access time at certain hours, even on specific day.
* History log - Anti-Porn parental controls keeps a detail log of all websites visited, filtered out or not.
* Screen log - Anti-Porn parental controls makes screen snap every certain interval,which is setted by yourself.
* Recommend trusted websites - Anti-Porn parental controls has recommended several websites, which fit for children. You can also add in any websites by yourself.
* Password protection - Anyone can't close Anti-Porn parental controls without parental password.


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