TurboSoft AnyZip ver.1.10.102

Posted By: useros

* De-compress archives in Zip, GZip, Tar, Gzipped Tar, Cab, JAR or RAR format.
* Compress files and email as attachment with one single click.
* Wizard to help beginner user to extract, create and update an archive.
* Built-in utility to create Self-extracting archive, receiving party of which needs no decompress program to extract the archive.
* Arbitary number of recent file list.
* Favorate archive list offers faster access to frequently acccessed archive files.
* Configurable archive infotip shown in Explorer.
* Configurable command items accessed in Explorer context menu.
* Full Explorer integration: you can extract file by simply drag and drop file from AnyZip to Explorer, extract archive or create compressed archive with context menu in Explorer, and compress files to an archive and prepare it as email attachment in one single step.
* Create archive in Zip, GZip, Tar format.
* Support two spanning modes in creating and extracting multi-volume (multi-disk) Zip archive. Multi-volume archive can be created on non-removable storage device as well.
* Support password-protect Zip archive.
* Support include/exclude directory/file filters in creating archive.
* Support rename files in Zip archive.