Tvants V1.0.0.58

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Tvants V1.0.0.58

Tvants V1.0.0.58 | 2.4Mb
Watch live Football (and TV) on your PC
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TVAnts is one of the next generation P2P programs that allows many users to share live streams, not files. These streams can contain any sort of media from the news to pornographic movies but one of the most common uses for this type of software is to enable you to watch live football matches and other sporting events on your PC. What TVAnts has above all the competition in the area of watching live football over the internet is it has a very good quality live ESPN feed. It is now possible to watch very high quality English Premiership streams with English commentary.

TVants installs easily with all the instructions being in English. On running, after a brief pause you will be presented with a list of channels. The exact list changes on a regular basis but for those of you looking to watch live football on your PC the channel to look out for is ESPN, this is normally near the top of the list. You can then double click on a channel to watch and after some buffering you will be connected. The channel list with TVAnts is not huge, but there should be plenty there to keep even the most channel hopping person happy for quite some time.

Although lacking some of the channels that other P2P streaming programs have the fact it has a high quality ESPN channel with full English commentary makes TVAnts an essential piece of software for those wanting to watch live streaming football on their PC.

When downloading TVAnts it is best to remember that it may be hosted on a Chinese server. The download speeds you will see will be far slower than you would normally expect so you will have to be patient.

How To Use TVAnts

1. Download TVAnts using the following link:- TVAnts Download
2. Double click the installer icon to install.
3. The installer for TVAnts is in English and is very standard. Click the next button.
4. Use the default install location and click next again.
5. Make sure that both the main programs and ActiveX controls are selected and press next again.
6. Click next again to install TVAnts.
7. After a short time TVAnts will be installed, press Finish to exit the installer.
8. No icons are put on the desktop so in order to run TVAnts you will need to find its program folder in the start menu. Start > Programs >TVAnts > TVAnts
9. If you have a firewall, on first running a security alert will appear. Make sure that you allow TVAnts internet access.
10. To play a channel double click on it. The media player will then appear (you can cancel any request to login that may appear).
11. After a short delay (this can take 5 -10 minutes) whilst the channel buffers the channel will then appear. You can view the buffer status at the bottom of the viewer. If the buffer doesn't appear to move for a long time please try a different channel. The sound icon allows you to change the sound balance that may help to isolate an English commentary if one is available.
12. In order to view full screen you will need to right click on the viewer and select Zoom > Full Screen. Alt+Tab will return to the normal view.

It is far more important with TVAnts (even more so than other P2P programs) to make sure that you are tuned into a stream early to give the program time to buffer

Download (OxySare Link)