[Rapid & Oxyshare] TXTextControl ClassLIB/DLL/ActiveX versions

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[Rapid & Oxyshare] TXTextControl ClassLIB/DLL/ActiveX versions

TXTextControl LIB/DLL/ActiveX versions

TX Text Control is royalty free, robust and powerful word processing software in reusable component form. It is all you need to build complete word processing, intranet and desktop publishing applications. With TX Text Control, you get hands-on access to the most comprehensive set of word processing features available in a development toolkit.

- Royalty-free word processor control
- ActiveX (Visual Basic, Delphi, VBScript,..) and class library
(Visual C++)
- Read and write XML, RTF, HTML, Word 2000, ANSI and unicode
- Run as .exe or in Internet Explorer (.cab file included)
- Tables, headers & footers, hyperlinks, bullets, numbered lists, zoom,
page view 7.57 MB 1.86 MB 1.87 MB 4.30 MB 6.39 MB 6.41 MB 6.24 MB 2.99 MB 3.91 MB 4.51 MB 2.21 MB 2.99 MB 4.42 MB 5.92 MB 7.07 MB 8.20 MB 7.58 MB 7.57 MB

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