Typing Assistant ver.2.2

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Typing Assistant ver.2.2

Typing Assistant ver.2.2 | 2,20 MB

Typing Assistant is a typing helper software that seamlessly integrates with nearly ANY applications on MS Windows. It makes your typing more pleasant by increasing your typing speed and avoiding spelling error.

With Typing Assistant, a smart prompt window will show you the possible words list as you typing anywhere, then with one key stroke it will AutoComplete the word for you. The software can AutoLearn the words you typed previously, and can also AutoExpand the shorthand to its full text(which can be defined by the user).


Works with nearly any programs.
Typing Assistant can seamlessly integrate with all poplar programs, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Notepad, UltraEdit, WordPad, ICQ Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

AutoLearn unknown words and recently typed words.
If you type the word that not in dictionaries(suck as you Name, or a string of "m_strUserName"), Typing Assistant will Autolearn the word for you at you first typing. When you type it next time, you will find the word is autosuggested.

Typing Assistant will also AutoLearn the words you tpyed recently, then you will find it useful when you do any repetitive typing.

AutoExpand shorthand.
For example, When you type the shorthand "usa", Typing Assistant will auto expand it to the full text "United States of American". With one key stroke RETURN(default hotkey), the full text will replace the shorthand. You can define the shorthands by yourself.

Typing Assistant can expand a shorthand to whole paragraphs, and unicode characters are supported in Full Text.

Beep on misspelled words.
When you are typing a word that not in the dictionaries, Typing Assistant will warn you with a beep.

Easy to use.
You needn't any special training for this software. Just use your computer as normal, Typing Assistant will help your typing automatically.

What's New in Version 2.2

* Typing Assistant is enabled only at English typing(Fixed the bug that when you typing non-English character, Typing Assistant also gives suggestion).
* Fixed the bug at "Control Panel > Application Manage".
* Some other bugs are fixed.