Typografy - font management system (v. 4.08)

Posted By: BigBrother
Один из лучших, на мой взгляд, каталогизаторов шрифтов. Может все.

Typografy - font management system (v. 4.08)

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Typograf is a first class 32 Bit font management software. Typograf is best for
viewing, printing and managing TrueType, Type 1 and printer fonts.

Key features of Typograf
- Views and previews TrueType, PostScript Type 1, printer and system fonts
- Sorts viewed fonts by name, file, family, copyright, width, date, size
- Displays all font properties
(typeface classification, kerning pairs, file data, trademark, ...)
- Views character set, keyboard layout, zoom view
- Finds similar fonts and compare several fonts tabularly
- Finds font duplicates on disk
- Prints fonts in many ways
- Manages fonts in database and font groups
- Font file management functions (copying, moving, deleting, ...)
- Information about typefaces and typography in Help
- Service on the World Wide Web