Power Retouche Pro v7.5

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Power Retouche Pro v7.5

Power Retouche Pro v7.5 | 15.3MB

Power Retouche Pro is actually a collection of 28 plug-ins for Photoshop (all versions), and programs compatible with the Photoshop plug-in architecture, like Paint Shop Pro and Corel Draw. You can also purchase the plug-ins individually, but the variety of tools makes the whole package a worthwhile investment. All plug-ins work in both 8 bit and 16 bit modes, and many can also work in alternate color spaces like LAB and CMYK.
Power Retouche Pro v7.5

Ease of Use
The full package includes the following plug-ins:
Black & White Studio for conversion to black and white images with emulation of different film types, color correction filters, and more. The presets included for a number of popular film types including Kodak and Ilford do a very good job of conversion, and you can fine tune the effect from there if you wish. You can also confine your adjustments to specific zones to pull more detail from your images.
Color Fringe Remover to eliminate color fringing common in digital imaging when going from bright highlights to darker colors. Color Fringe Remover also has the ability to reconstruct the underlying color information.
Equalizer allows you to adjust the equalization in lights, midtones, and darks as well as applying the correction in specific color ranges and as a graduated effect.
Toned Photos has presets for sepia, Van Dyck, Kallitype, Silver Gelatin, Palladium, Platinum, Cyanotype, and Silver. You can also create your own presets.
Dynamic Range Compressor gives you full control over the dynamic range correction of your image, including black point, shadow depth, saturation, and contrast.
Film Grain does a very nice job of emulating traditional grain in both color and black & white images with control over intensity, size, and hardness of the grain.
Graduated Color provides two methods of applying a grad color effect to your images. The traditional mode, as well as a photographic mode that automatically sets the effect for complimentary colors and more natural results.
Lens Corrector can do amazing things to distorted photos, whether ultra wide angle or panoramic shots. Both pincushioning and barrel distortion correction are available.
Soft Filter works much like a traditional soft filter (think Softar), with control over the strength and spread of the effect. It also does double duty as a noise filter.
Sharpness Editor is unique among any of the tools I've tried for sharpening images. Unlike the typical Unsharp Mask, this plug-in does not create the strong edge contrast that leads to halos and artifacting. While you can restrict sharpening to edges only, when it's combined with the anti-aliasing feature it gives a very natural look. One feature I find very useful is the blur adjustment which can be restricted to color ranges, keeping portions of your image from being sharpened at all.