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UCINET 6.172

Posted By: eutelsat
UCINET 6.172

UCINET 6.172 | 19,8 MB

A comprehensive package for the analysis of social network data as well as other 1-mode and 2-mode data. Can read and write a multitude of differently formatted text files, as well as Excel files. Can handle a maximum of 32,767 nodes (with some exceptions) although practically speaking many procedures get too slow around 5,000 - 10,000 nodes. social network analysis methods include centrality measures, subgroup identification, role analysis, elementary graph theory, and permutation-based statistical analysis. In addition, the package has strong matrix analysis routines, such as matrix algebra and multivariate statistics.

* Added procedure Networks|Ego Networks|Concentration. Given a network and a 1/0 attribute vector, the procedure calculates, for each ego, the number of pairs of alters that (a) are tied and (b) involve a given type of alter (based on the attribute vector). For example, if men are coded 1 and women 0, it measures the extent to which an ego's alters are connected to the men in the ego network
* Fixed bug in Data|Extract dialogue window which was inserting file information in the wrong edit box