Ultimate Human Body 2.0

Posted By: roboroman
Ultimate Human Body 2.0

Take an interactive journey inside the human body to discover where everything is and how it works.
Includes a ground-breaking 3D section which allows you to rotate the body, peel away the layers, examine the organs, circulatory system and the skeleton. You can call up data, ensuring a total understanding of how the body`s complex organs work. You can even combine the body systems to observe how they interact.

Features Include:
* Extensive cross-referencing throughout the program
* Instant access to information on related subjects
* Stunning microphotography
* Zoom in closer to amazing colour images of the body
* More than 1000 stunning illustrations

Minimum System Requirements:
* Windows 3.1, 95
* 386SX/25MHz Processor
* 8 MB RAM
* 640 x 480 256 colour screen
* 8-bit soundcard*
* Loudspeakers or headphones

Part 1 (50MB)
Part 2 (50MB)
Part 3 (50MB)
Part 4 (50MB)
Part 5 (50MB)
Part 6 (50MB)
Part 7 (32.49 MB)

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