Ultimate ZIP Cracker ver.

Posted By: lnxwind
Ultimate ZIP Cracker ver.

Ultimate ZIP Cracker v7.3.1.7
8 MB


The Ultimate ZIP Cracker is designed for recovering lost passwords from many popular file types:

* MS-Word documents (*.DOC), Office 97-2003.
* MS-Excel documents (*.XLS), Office 97-2003.
* ZIP archives created by PKZIP, WinZip or by any compatible software.
* ARJ archives created by ARJ, WinArj or by any compatible software.

The program offers the following search methods:

* Password Wizard provides easy step-by-step password recovery.
* Brute Force Attack will test all possible passwords.
* Smart Search will test all "pronounceable" passwords.
* Dictionary Search can use a built-in or external dictionary.
* Date search will apply more than 5,000 date formats to a given date range.
* Customized search will use your own search template.
* Guaranteed decryption method will decrypt your .DOC or .XLS file regardless of password used. Extraordinarily fast on Pentium 4, takes only few days to decrypt!
* Plaintext attack will decrypt your whole encrypted .ZIP file if you have another unencrypted ZIP file (called plaintext file), which contains at least one file from the encrypted archive.