UltraCompare Professional ver. 3.0a

Posted By: quil__23

UltraCompare Professional ver. 3.0a

UltraCompare Professional includes all the features in UltraCompare Lite plus the ability to merge differences between files as well as the ability to compare whole directories (including a recursive compare of subdirectories if desired) and merge different files between directories!

- Powerful 3-way text compare
- Selected line merge capability
- Brand new look and feel
- Check for updates
- Many other refinements

Powerful Compare/Merge for Text/Binary Files & Folders Many advanced features: Graphical navigation. Line-by-line comparison of files. Fast/Smart Binary Compare. Single/Recursive Folder Compare. Drag/drop of folders/files to be compared or direct entry. Text compare options: ignore blank lines, whitespace, or case. Differences indicated include file size, creation date, format, content. Runs standalone or from within UltraEdit.