UltraEdit 11.10a

Posted By: Alexpal

Весьма известная вещь. Релиз, правда, двухмесячной давности, вероятно, у многих уже есть. Мои личные ощущения от работы с этим редактором самые благоприятные: шустро, красиво, удобно. Жалко, что привык я к другой программе. :)
Если в двух словах — это весьма мощный текстовый редактор для написания текстов программ, HTML-страниц и т.п. Сами создатели программы называют ее "Text Editor — HEX Editor — HTML Editor — PHP Editor — Programmers Editor". Основные возможности: подсветка синтаксиса, проверка орфографии (в инсталляционный файл включена проверка английского языка), расширенные функции форматирования текста, поддержка нескольких буферов обмена, мощный поиск и замена, управление горячими клавишами, макросы, поддержка Unicode, встроенный FTP-клиент и многое-многое другое.

Key Features
Code Folding
Supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on all 32-bit Windows platforms
UNICODE support
Disk based text editing — supports files in excess of 4GB, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
100,000 word spell checker, with foreign languages support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
Syntax highlighting — configurable, pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for FORTRAN and LaTex. Multiple wordfiles available for download
FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only) Includes support for SFTP (SSH2).
Project/Workspace support
Configurable keyboard mapping (32-Bit only)
Column/block mode editing
Hexadecimal Editor — allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
Named Templates
HTML Toolbar preconfigured for popular functions
Multi-byte Support with Integrated IME Support

Programmer's Features
Code Folding
Fold any Function or Structure (C/C++)
Collapse All and Expand All
Syntax highlighting (user configurable):
Pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl
Special options for FORTRAN and LaTex
Support for up to 20 languages
Multiple wordfiles available for download
Support for ASP
Allows different background colors
Support to highlight words beginning with a specified sub-string
Support for syntax highlighting based on file name
Color sections may be named
Font styles available
Ctags support*:
Project specific Ctag file with option to create automatically when opened
Configurable parameters and tag file for use outside of projects
Find Symbol command will locate symbol in ctag file of selected item or item under cursor and position it in appropriate file
*Requires the use of third part CTag EXE for tag file generation (links provided)
Artistic style formatter
Number convertor (selected number to binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal)
Auto-Correction of Keywords
Character Properties POP-UP Dialog to show:
Value of character in Decimal/HEX and Display
Offset of character from start of file in Decimal/HEX
Duplicate Line
New Line/Insert Line
When invoked all the keywords from the Syntax Highlighting will be available in the list (if the file uses Syntax Highlighting)
A user specified file may be used to provide the strings for Auto-Completion
UltraEdit will search back 50K in the file for words that match a partially typed word and show these
FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only) Includes support for SFTP (SSH2).
Regular expression searches
Automatic highlighting of brackets/braces as typing or positioning occurs
Highlight based on Line/Col Background
User configurable match strings
Includes < and > for HTML
Hexadecimal Editor - allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
Project/workspace support — allows user to group files and define multiple workspace configurations
Project can have separate wordfile
ASCII table — allows viewing and insertion of ASCII characters
Add/Remove line comments to selected lines
Support of line comments up to 5 characters
Comprehensive macro support, including saving and loading, multiple macros with hot keys
Configurable tool support (Run compiler, etc.)
Function list shows functions in active file (with 6 function strings per language)
Reformatting of existing code to indent/unindent based on language

Database Handling Features
Disk based text editing — supports files in excess of 4GB, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
Insert string at every increment (ideal for formatting DB records and inserting hard returns)
Column/block editing — allows insertion/removal of columns of data
Insert/fill columns
Insert line numbers
Sum columns/selection

File / File Management Features
File Tree View (tabbed interface) includes:
List of files on drive (open selected files, file properties)
List of Open files (close/save/tile/print selected files)
List of Project files (open selected files)
Filter for File Tree View
Tree View function to change view to drive/path of active file
Open multiple files at once from the file open dialog and command line
Quick Open option to open all matching files recursively through sub directories
Option to open file without temp file (with threshold size to allow only large files to use this option)
Close, Close All files
FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only) Includes support for SFTP (SSH2).
FTP Open
FTP Save As
Allows multiple selection of files
Supports filenames with spaces
Setting for ASCII / BINARY / PASSIVE transfers
Specific support for AIX / AS400 / BS2000 / MVS / OS9000 / Stratus VOS / UNIX / VAX/VMS Servers
SFTP allows Public/Private Key encryption
SFTP supports PuTTY key format
File Revert to Saved
Save, Save As, Save All, Save Selection As file
ASCII/Binary file compare (saving and or printing of difference summary)
Sort support for up to 4 sort keys with option for alphanumeric or numeric sort
Support for setting code page and locale
Locale used (optionally) for sort
Code page used for Unicode conversions
UNIX/MAC file conversions (to/from DOS), EBCDIC file conversions (to/from ASCII), OEM conversions (to/from ANSI)
EBCDIC/HEX combined view without conversion
Auto detect UNIX, MAC and Binary/Hex files when loaded
UNICODE support on all Win32 platforms
Support for UTF-8 and conversions to/from UTF-8
Support for the new WM_UNICHAR message
Edit Unix/MAC files without any conversion required (^n/^r used in find/replace for lf/cr)
Insert file into an existing document at cursor position
Support for rename of files
Reload changed files without files becoming active
Option to automatically reload changed files
Delete Active file
Insert string at every increment
Favorite Files list stores up to 50 user files
Functions strings can recognize multiple lines
Recent Files submenu stores up to 16 files
Recent Projects/Workspace submenu stores up to 8 different projects/workspaces
Send Mail — sends the active file as a MAIL attachment — (selected programs only)
Minimize all
Sort File Tabs
Right click on file and open
Right click URL and open
Open of Unicode paths via Drag and Drop from Explorer
INI options:
Default file type for new files (DOS, UNIX, MAC)
Show filename only in title (not path)
Make file that changed and is reloaded the active file
Delete existing file before saving
Edit files containing nulls (HEX 00) in text mode
Cache INI file for quicker load/shutdown
Setting for file compare EXE to use in place of UltraEdit's compare
Setting to disable left cursor from going to end of previous line

Printing Features
Printing preview
Printing line numbers
Print command doesn't print hidden lines
Headers/footers (with alignment commands), margins and page breaks
Printing of syntax highlighting in color
Print 2 pages on 1 sheet in Landscape or Portrait modes
Font Selection for display and printer. (Supports all fonts installed including True Type fonts)
Print All Open Files

Editing Features
HTML Toolbar preconfigured for popular functions
CSS style builder
Multi-level undo and redo
Multiple tab positions
Cut, copy and paste support
Copy — append and Cut — append, allows the user to copy the selection and append it to the clipboard
Insert/overstike mode with cursor and status bar indication
Select All, Select Line, Select Word, Delete, Delete Line
Delete to End of Line or Start of Line from cursor position
Insert date and time
HEX editing with:
HEX Cut, Copy and Paste support
HEX Insert and Delete of characters
HEX Find, Replace and Replace All
HEX Mode Ruler shows offset
HEX mode copy function to copy HEX view of text to clipboard
100,000 word spell checker, with foreign language support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
Read Only default option and edit menu item
Drag and Drop editing
Word wrap support
Automatic word wrap at specified column with hard return
Line Length up to 9k allowed
Home Key positions at first non-space, then first character
Function to copy active file path/name to clipboard
Triple Click selects a line

Search Features
Find, Find Next, Find Previous, Replace and Replace All
Find "entry" box/drop down on toolbar for quick finds
Allows selection of text between caret and find target when shift key is pressed
List Lines Containing String opens non-modal Find dialog
Count number of occurrences of string
Find in files/Replace in files support for all open files or project files
Find in Files/Replace in Files option for UNICODE Searches
Find in Files with an empty find string will create listing of all files matching directory/name specification
Multiple search paths allowed with Find/Replace in files
Replace in files (including option to list changed files and number of occurrences)
Regular expression support with tagged expressions for find/replace
HEX Find, Replace and Replace All
Find matching braces
Goto line number or page
Bookmarks saved (optionally)
Go to previous bookmark
Clear all bookmarks
Word count will count only selected text if selection exists (includes line count)
Dockable "Function List" shows all the functions in a file in a list box and supports function searches in all project files
Regular Expression support for 0 or more occurrences using ++
Option for Unix style Regular Expressions
Option (default) to automatically find selected text with find Next/Prev
Commands for going to END of next or previous WORD
Option (default) for find dialog to use word under cursor
Configurable '^' character for find/replace (via INI setting)
Back/Forward functions take you to the previous place you edited, scrolled from, or jumped to a tag from etc. and works across multiple files
Preserve Case Replace to preserve the case of a word when being replaced
Incremental Search

Project / Workspace Features
Open multiple files as a single project/workspace
Delete files from project
Recent project list showing up to eight of the last projects opened
Automatic detection of UltraEdit project file when loaded or dropped onto UltraEdit
Capable of having separate wordfile
Project specific user tools (as well as standard set)
User bitmaps and project tools for user
User/project tools supports having output go directly to the active document
Group support for projects, allowing files to be grouped together
Project/Favorites - Add Files/Add all open files dialog allows multiple file selection
Support for nested groups with no limit on depth
Directories allowed as a group
Directory groups dynamically updated
Direct addition/removal of files from File Tree View
Recursive addition of files/folders

Display Features
User Configurable Toolbars — Save Multiple Configurations
View/hide toolbar and/or status bar
TABS to select between open files (Optional-32-bit only)
Multiple files open and displayed at the same time
View/hide output window
View Menu includes option to show Page Breaks as line across the screen
Ability to hide and unhide selected portions of text
File Tree View (32-Bit Version) includes:
List of files on drive (open selected files, file properties)
List of Open files (close/save/tile/print selected files)
List of Project files (open selected files)
Set display and/or printer fonts independently, or use display font for printing, reset default fonts
View menu items (and toolbar support) to zoom in/out by increasing/decreasing font size
Separate font for hex/column mode
Selectable OEM character - set option for fonts that support it
Color selection for background, normal/selected text, bookmarks, line/column numbers
Color selector allows user to select a color and insert the value into a file
Line numbers based on real lines not wrapped lines
Show spaces, tabs and new lines
Column markers to display vertical line at specified columns
Optional fixed non-scrollable area (columns left of the first column marker)
Ruler for column numbers
Viewing with line numbers on left side of window
ASCII Table — with ability to insert directly from table
Status bar line & column number display
Pop-up menus with right mouse button
User configurable icons and menus
Dockable "Tag List" allows definition of a set of "TAGS" that can automatically be inserted into a file. Designed in part for HTML, it allows text to be selected for automatic insertion of tags around the selected text
Status bar displays number of bytes selected
Color selection for active line (line with cursor)
Commands to position active line at top, middle or bottom of screen
Color selection ruler lines and column markers
Dockable "Function List" shows all the functions in a file in a list box
Macro List for quick access (dockable) — (32-bit version)
Full Screen mode
Option to minimize UltraEdit to system tray

Formatting Features
Paragraph Alignment -
Left, Center, Right, Fill (for fixed pitch fonts)
Reformat paragraph
Convert CR/LF's to word wrap (removes CR/LF's from file)
Convert Word Wrap to CR/LF's allowing word wrap to be written to file with hard returns
Conversion of:
SPACES to TABS for all tabs, or just leading tabs in a line
Character delimited files to fixed column
Fixed column file to character delimited
Trim trailing spaces
Line space support for Single, 1 1/2 and double spacing
Convert ANSI to OEM, OEM to ANSI
Text conversion to lower or upper case, invert case and capitalization
Automatic line indentation (add, remove)
Insert page break
Tab and word wrap settings based on file extension (optionally)

Column / Block Editing Features
Insert/fill columns
Delete/cut columns
Insert sequential numbers (HEX / Decimal)
Sum columns/selection
Column mode justify (Left, Right, Center) to justify text just in the specified columns
Column mode enhancements-select columns and type characters to insert

Macro Features
Comprehensive macro support, including saving and loading multiple macros with hot keys
Macro Load and SaveAs support special characters for dynamically setting up file to load or save within macro
Macros can be run when file is loaded and when file is saved
Save All macros
Autoload (and optionally run) macro when UltraEdit starts
Edit macro
Delete macros, or modify hot key assignments
Easy record of macro
Play again/play any macro multiple times
Option for automatic warning on exit if edited macro is unsaved
Rename macros
Macro support for "IfFound" and "IfNotFound" to check if a string was found and conditionally execute macro commands
Macro functions for "IfNameIs" and "IfExtIs" to check active filename/extension within macros for conditional statements
Macro support for column mode functions
Macro support for running tools
Support for changing clipboard in a macro
Unix Regular Expressions setting can be changed in macros

Advanced / User-Configurable Features
File Logging
Automatically update log files at configurable interval
Files can individually be set to be log files
Named template support (display/modify/insert up to 50 User Templates)
Template list view provided for quick access to templates
Run DOS command
Run Windows program
Tools configuration, up to 10 user tools (also project specific user tools)
User tools may have user ICONS or BITMAPS
Default save directory and backup directory may be specified
Timed backup/Auto Save
Tab settings
Separate indent and tab stop setting
Automatic backup file generated (several options available)
Auto Save files as input format option to allow automatic detection, editing and saving of UNIX or MAC files
Option to minimize UltraEdit on close of last open file
Configuration for number of HEX bytes per line in HEX mode
Option for word wrap at absolute column number for viewing data files - (optionally based on file extensions)
Option for UltraEdit to always be on top of all other displayed windows
Option to minimize UltraEdit to the system tray
Many more options available for user to set personal preferences

Window Management Features
Duplicate window of the same file
Splitter windows
Tile windows horizontally/vertically
Previous/next window
Close all files
Show output window/output window resizeable while docked
Double clicking in the output window will look for a file in project directory if not fully qualified and not found in active file directory
View file in default browser
Cascade windows
Arrange icons
File tabs may be resized to show multiple rows while docked
Minimize all
Output window resizeable while docked

Help Features
CHM based help
UltraEdit help index
Using help
Add help files
Version information

Additional Features
Default browser button/menu item to show current file in the default WWW browser
INI file selection using command line - great for multiple configurations
Command line parameter (/a) to allow specifying an already open file without having the prompt to reload it (just position to specified line)
Command line parameter -lx and -cx allowed following each file name to specify line and column in which to position
HTML Tidy support (integrated)
CSE HTML Validator support (integrated)
Run Validation
Setup Validator Options and Configuration
Job Type support
Requires CSE HTML Validator from
Command line option for line and column positioning
DDE support with full command line options
Context sensitive help
IntelliMouse scrolling support
Drag and drop support from the file manager
UltraEdit retains its screen position each time it is used
Many keyboard shortcuts inluding — positioning, Next/Previous paragraph etc.
And lots more...

See more on developers site.

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