UniDream PhotoWatermark Professional (производство водяных знаков на изображениях)

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UniDream PhotoWatermark Professional ver.
(производство водяных знаков на фотографиях и других изображениях)

Знающие английский уже поняли что к чему, для всех остальных, программа служит для производства водяных знаков (Watermark) на фотографиях и других изображениях. Сразу радует наличие русского интерфейса, хотя имеются и другие, сам по себе редактор просто великолепен и справляется с поставленными задачами на твердую 5.Само собой описать все фичи просто невозможно, но поверьте на слово их (фич) много, что и позволяет создавать водяные знаки разной сложности и конфигурации, ну и конечно буквально двумя кликами можно прилепить созданный вами знак на любое количество изображений.

PhotoWatermark Professional is the only digital photo-watermarking tool that combines power and ease of use, and radically simplifies the process of creating and applying watermarks to multiple files. It uses a mixture of text, graphic and drawing objects of varied complexities.

Highlights of this program include:
1) Choose between styles of outline and angled text, gradient or texture fill, embossing or engraving, soft shadow, Shadow3D and photo framing, which render you watermarks that speak of professionalism.
2) Automatic objects can extract various EXIF and file data from images.
3) Automatically sizes watermarks to the width of image.
4) Transparency settings allow you to choose how your image samples will be presented to your potential customers.
5) Works with common image formats such as JPEG, TIFF (inc. multi-image TIFF), BMP, GIF (inc. animated gif), PNG, and JPEG2000.
6) A built-in watermark manager helps you manage multiple watermark files and switch easily.
7) Contains 60 sorting variables. 8) Supports combinations of batch watermarking, converting, resizing, renaming, cropping, rotating, image enhancing, printing and framing. Go ahead and download a free tiral. You can expect all these wonderful features, and much more! You are guaranteed to create your first watermark in just 90 seconds!

PhotoWatermark Professional features
With PhotoWatermark Professional, you would expect all these UNIQUE features that will NOT be found in its competitors:
• Recursive batch processing while keeping your source categories
• Mixing all kinds of watermark objects of any complexity on one watermark
• Automatically sizes individual watermarks according to the size your image
• Any text can have outline, soft shadow, 3D shadow, emboss, engrave, gradient or texture fill.
• Supports drawing objects of line, box, ellipse and polygone which can have gradient or texture fill.
• Manages multiple watermark files and switches instantly.
• Supports watermarking photos with any common EXIF entries.
• Supports watermarking pictures with age of anything.
• Supports format string in date time object, age object, file info object, renaming template and more.
• Supports scalable vector watermarks


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