User Control ver. 4.445

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User Control ver. 4.445

User Control ver. 4.445 | Size: 2.6 Mb
For Win 9X/ME and 2000/XP

User Control Block undesired applications/windows and Internet contents. Allow only some URLs and fix your Windows desktop. Successfully block unwanted applications, window titles and dubious Internet contents! User Control meets the requirements of modern PC security. With User Control, you cannot only protect the most important system settings against manipulation (a basic feature–all systems settings can also be blocked with Win Control), but also:
You stipulate exactly what kinds of programs absolutely should not run on your computer (e.g. setup files for new software, peer-to-peer music exchanges, unwanted games or chat programs, etc.). User Control also offers complete web filtering: i.e. unwanted pages will be blocked for the user on the basis of keywords. In this way, you ensure that your PC users do not surf for hours on crack or pornography sites. You can even explicitly permit access to certain Internet pages and prevent access to all others. But User Control can do a lot more: You can define exactly which applications are permitted, and which ones are not. Reports tell you which applications were started at what time, and which websites were visited.