VanDyke CRT ver.5.50

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VanDyke CRT ver.5.50

VanDyke CRT ver.5.50 | 3,42 MB

CRT includes reliable VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, and SCO ANSI emulation with ANSI color. Any session settings can be saved in named sessions with multiple session windows. This program includes easy automation, as well asextensive session and keyboard customization. It also features transparent printing.

New productivity enhancements:

* Script recorder: Quickly create a script to automate routines using the new script recorder, which records keystrokes, including function keys, and then generates a VB script.
* Improved auto session: With "Use auto session" enabled, you can now select a single session, multiple sessions, or folders of sessions to automatically connect on startup.

Improved ANSI color with color schemes: When using ANSI color, you can now select a color scheme to replace the standard white foreground and black background.

Expanded logging options with custom log data: Custom log data gives you the ability to specify strings to be logged upon connect, disconnect, and on each line. Parameter substitutions for session and date information are supported.

Additional tab support: Display the list of tabs on the menu using the MENU_TAB_LIST1 custom menu item. A new script function, GetScriptTab, returns the tab from which the script was started.

Windows Vista support: CRT has been tested under Windows Vista, so when you are ready to move to Vista, CRT will be compatible.