VanDyke CRT v5.1.4

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VanDyke CRT v5.1.4

VanDyke CRT v5.1.4

VanDyke CRT v5.1.4 | Win32 | Size: 3.60MB

VanDyke CRT v5.1.4

CRT 5.1 builds on a foundation of rock-solid terminal emulation features with a new tabbed user interface and powerful new session management features.

New for CRT 5.1

Multi-session launch: Folders and multiple selected sessions can be connected in tabs from the Connect dialog.

Chat window history: Previous commands can be viewed, edited, and sent in the chat window.

Improved control over tab display: A global option has been added allowing you to only show tabs when there are multiple tabs open.

Script enhancements: Run a script via a special escape sequence. Support for ActiveX scripts written in Unicode or UTF-8.

Key Features

* Wide range of terminal emulations: VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Xterm, Wyse 50/60, and Linux console emulation with ANSI color.
* Great session management features: New tabbed UI and Activator tray utility minimizes desktop clutter. Session settings can be saved in named sessions.
* Customization: Extensive session and keyboard customization.
* Powerful printing: Printing support, including pass-through printing.
* Scripting support and automation: Scripting language support for VBScript and JScript. Easy logon automation.
* Named firewalls: You can now create any number of firewall configurations that can be used on a session-specific basis.


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