VBto Converter 2.14

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VBto Converter 2.14

VBto Converter ver. 2.14 | Size: 4.5Mb

VBto Converter is a tool that converts MS Visual Basic 6.0 forms to resource file and source code MS VC++ or to source code VBNET project.

VBto Converter create or update project for MS VC++ 6.0 and above. All forms of VB projects may be converted into MFC-based dialogs of MS VC++ project. Each such dialog will be provided with its .cpp and .h files.

This version of VBto Converter application does convert only forms from input .frm and .frx files.

Supported MS VB controls:
- Form, Menu, Toolbar, Frame, SSTab,
- Label, TextBox, UpDown,
- CommandButton, CheckBox, OptionButton,
- ComboBox, ListBox, ListView, TreeView,
- PictureBox, Image, ImageList,
- Slider, ProgressBar, HScrollBar, VScrollBar,
- Shape, Line,
- CommonDialog, Timer,
- DriveListBox, DirListBox, FileListBox,
- StatusBar

- .NET Framework 1.1