Vertus Fluid Mask ver. 1.0.2 for Photoshop

Posted By: nkarytia

Vertus Fluid Mask ver. 1.0.2 for Photoshop | 30,1 Mb

Fluid Mask is a highly advanced software tool designed to make life easier for everyone who creates cut outs. Built as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Fluid Mask is the new next-generation cut-out tool. Behind the product is breakthrough technology that mimics the way the eye, optic-nerve and brain perform visual processing. It offers an intuitive, accurate and fast approach to cut outs.

Using Fluid Mask you apply selections to a meta-data layer of image information called the Image Information Layer (IIL). This is made up of boundary, texture and color information pulled from your image.

The benefits of this approach are that:

It differentiates between hard and soft edges
Edges and color transitions are separated smoothly
Blending and masking are co-synchronous - no double work
There is less data to work on, so more speed - large images
no problem
You can adjust IIL resolution to work on hard-to-gauge edges
Real-time, image-derived color palettes for color-based
mask selections
Work in progress is easy to review
You can fine tune mask selections at pixel level for maximum control
You can preserve maximum detail at the blended transitions

Offering you:

Speed - One-Mask lets you work quickly on your cut outs.

Opportunity - work with images you'd never contemplate
cutting out before.

Detail - preserve all-important edge information for a
professional quality cut out.

~30 megs with tutorials included (quicktime movies).