ViddyUp! ver. 1.6.1 for Mac

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ViddyUp! ver. 1.6.1 for Mac

ViddyUp! ver. 1.6.1 for Mac | Mac OSX | 13,7 Mb
Batch convert video to iPod formats without QuickTime Pro

Wondering how to make the most of your video-capable iPod?? Looking for an easy way to make your video clips work with iTunes?? Need a general-purpose MPEG-4 and H.264 export tool? Not sure how to get the best results from QuickTime? Pro? ViddyUp! makes moving your video clips to iPod a cinch! Just drag your clips to the ViddyUp! window, tweak a setting or two (if you want), then let ViddyUp! get to work. iPod-compatible versions of each clip show up in a special playlist in iTunes, ready for you to synchronize with your iPod.

ViddyUp! ver. 1.6.1 for Mac


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