Videomach v4.0.0

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Videomach v4.0.0

Videomach v4.0.0 | 3,0 MB

VideoMach is a powerful audio/video builder and converter. Use it to construct video clips from still images, enhance your recorded material or convert video, audio and image files between popular media formats.

VideoMach features
* Suports popular video and image formats (mpeg, avi, divx, flc, jpeg, png, tif, gif, bmp and more)
* Reads and writes standard Linux and UN*X image formats (xpm, pnm, sgi, ras and more)
* Supports most popular audio formats (mp3, mp2, ogg, wav, ac3)
* Imports the output of high-speed imagers and time-lapse cameras (bayer, cine)
* World's fastest image sequence detection, more than 50,000 images per second
* Professional-quality MPEG, AVI and Bayer readers, video is decoded at highest quality unlike in most media players
* Fastest software MPEG encoder, more then 120 frames per second
* Can read or write very large MPEG files, up to million terabytes
* Creates industry standard VideoCD MPEGs by NTSC and PAL / SECAM video specs
* Connects to both Video For Windows (VFW) and DirectShow (DS) interfaces ensuring support for vaste number of AVI codecs / subformats
* Easy to navigate but powerful AVI output video / audio codecs selection dialog
* Integrated media player
* Works on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP as well as all modern Linux distributions with Wine installed
* Fast, compact and reliable installer with built-in anti-virus check

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