Videomach ver. 4.0.3

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Videomach ver. 4.0.3

Videomach ver. 4.0.3
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VideoMach is a powerful audio/video builder and converter. Use it to construct video clips from still images, enhance your recorded material or convert video, audio and image files between popular media formats.

VideoMach features:
Suports popular video and image formats (mpeg, avi, divx, flc, jpeg, png, tif, gif, bmp and more)
Reads and writes standard Linux and UN*X image formats (xpm, pnm, sgi, ras and more)
Supports most popular audio formats (mp3, mp2, ogg, wav, ac3)
Imports the output of high-speed imagers and time-lapse cameras (bayer, cine)
World's fastest image sequence detection, more than 50,000 images per second
Professional-quality MPEG, AVI and Bayer readers, video is decoded at highest quality unlike in most media players
Fastest software MPEG encoder, more then 120 frames per second

Can read or write very large MPEG files, up to million terabytes
Creates industry standard VideoCD MPEGs by NTSC and PAL / SECAM video specs
Connects to both Video For Windows (VFW) and DirectShow (DS) interfaces ensuring support for vaste number of AVI codecs / subformats
Easy to navigate but powerful AVI output video / audio codecs selection dialog
Integrated media player

win 98/me/xp/vista