ViewIt 2.21

Posted By: Alexpal
ViewIt 2.21

ViewIt 2.21 [K] UB | 1,8 Mb

OS X native, fast and easy to use image viewer that supports most popular image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD , RAW, DNG, animated GIF and more. Important ViewIt features include: unique, intuitive interface, full screen mode, slide shows, quick image sorting, printing, digital cameras and EXIF tags. Currently includes plugins: convert file format, create web pages, Finder previews, lose less JPEG transformations, shell scripts support, rename sequentially, create contact sheets.

Localized in languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Swedish.

Intel processor ready
Fast browsing and thumbnail creation.
Full screen mode for working and slide shows.
Easy interface.
Views large number of files.
Allows quick jumping between picture sets.
Downloads image straight from digital cameras.
Supports a large number of file formats, including RAW files.
Plug-in architecture, it is easy to extend it's functionality.