Virtual CD v.8 (Full Version)

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Virtual CD v.8 (Full Version)

Virtual CD v.8 (Full Version) | 33.7MB

Alongside a number of various improvements, Virtual CD version 8 has been extended with a wide range of new functions to ease your working with virtual and physical CDs and DVDs. Virtual CD v8 is the very first CD-emulator to employ a native Microsoft-certified 64-bit driver, as well as a virtual burner with which you can burn CDs and DVDs even without a drive and without a blank disk.

::Virtual CD v8 - New functions::
Certified 64-bit driver
As the first and only CD-Emulator worldwide Virtual CD v8 supports all current Windows operating system with a certified driver – including Windows XP x64 Edition! Hereby the performance of the modern Windows operating systems is optimally supported. At the same time, the Microsoft driver certification guarantees maximum stability.

Virtual CD/DVD burner
Through its integrated virtual burner Virtual CD v8 gives you the possibility of burning CDs and DVDs virtually, so that you need neither a physical blank disk nor a CD/DVD burner. The virtual burner integrated in the Virtual CD system is addressed exactly as a physical burner and supports all programs with an integrated burning function (e.g. video editing programs, backup tools, audio-software etc.).
With the burning procedure Virtual CD creates a CD/DVD image on the fixed disk, which you can, for example, insert directly in a virtual drive to test or immediately use the CD. Depending on data and blank disk format you can increase the speed of the burning procedure significantly in comparison with the physical burners and blank CDs. Of course, the images created in this manner by Virtual CD can, if necessary, be burned onto physical media.

Virtual fixed disk with encryption
The virtual burner contained in Virtual CD can as well be used as a virtual fixed disk through the support of the DVD-RAM. By activating the AES 256bit-encryption you can provide a high level of security for your confidential data. In addition to the typical Virtual CD easiness, you profit from the easy read and write access similar to a physical fixed disk.

Enhanced function access over the tray icon
The Virtual CD system tray quick start menu offers you as of now significantly more functionalities. Alongside the already familiar program menu which opens with the left mouse click, you can immediately attain the new drive menu with the right mouse click on the icon. Through this expansion you can directly access every drive and nearly every function in a jiffy.

Insert virtual CDs in physical drives
Many – mostly older – software programs expect the necessary program- oder installation-CD to be inserted in the first CD/DVD-drive. Since the first drive is usually the physical CD/DVD drive, Virtual CD v8 supports the provision of images in the corresponding drive letters and thus makes the usage of such programs with virtual CDs possible.

Improved support of non-standard CDs and DVDs
Through new readout algorithms and an improved analysis function you can create images from most of those CDs/DVDs from which it wasn’t possible up until now.

Denoiser for physical CD/DVD-drives
With the new denoiser function of Virtual CD v8 you can control the speed and timeout period of your physical CD/DVD drives. Thus you can achieve a pleasant noise level.

Expanded toolbox
The Virtual CD-Toolbox has been significantly enlarged for your convenience. Now you can directly and quickly access all Virtual CD modules. With the intuitive clear user interface of the toolbox you can directly use the functions you need without having to start the Virtual CD management interface.

Improved API- and scripting functions
Virtual CD v8 contains re-engineered and improved API- and scripting functions. These expansions make it even easier to use Virtual CD with other programs and improves the possibility of automatically using Virtual CD by scripts.

Flexible layout of the CD-management including a layout-browser
Now with Virtual CD v8 you can store individual layouts of the graphical user interface and see and activate each layout in a preview in the integrated browser.

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