Vr Vorx

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Vr Vorx

Vr Vorx | 3,3 Mb
A QTVR authoring tool. Create 360 degrees qtvr panoramas from images

Among the new features found in The VR Worx 2.0 are:
Ability to generate an Object Movie that has the Object within a Panoramic background, called Object in Pano
Scriptable via AppleScript™ on the MacOS™ and Visual Basic™ scripts on Windows™
Option to Reference Source Images or bring Source Images into Project Document
Option to use the new "HyperStitch" a fast stitching capability
Multi-node Transitions, including Cross Fade, Wipe, Zoom, Radial, Iris, etc.
Optimized for the World Wide Web, via existing Templates and pre-built HTML pages containing movies, as well as ability to customize the preview image.
Import and Export Pano Image at 10,000 x 3,000 pixels
Templates pre-built to lens specifications of the new cameras on the market
And more.

Add these to the existing features that separate The VR Worx form competitors, like Built-in Image Editors, Sound Support in Object Mode, Chroma-Key Background Matte Effects, Transparency Stitch Viewer, Frame Based Animation, Centering, Cropping, and De-Wobbling Effects, Unlimited Hot Spots in all Modes, Scene Module accepts Panoramas, Objects, Still Images and Linear Movies as Nodes, Built-in Support for Mechanized Object Rigs, Edit and Preview Multi-Node Scenes without rendering finished movie, Ability to build Panos and Objects from within the Scene Module, and others.

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