WA Dynamic Dropdowns 2.10

Posted By: xelbe
WA Dynamic Dropdowns 2.10

WA Dynamic Dropdowns 2.10 | 0,39 Mb

So many choices, so little time. WA Dynamic Dropdowns ensures that your customers will find what they're looking for, fast. Using a common sense search approach, you can quickly create drill-down categories that light a path for your customer – straight to what they want (and always a few steps closer to the cash register).

- Targeted and streamlined content retrieval - Dynamically builds options for drop-down lists for efficient display and selection
- Easy and Quick - Eliminates painful, time-consuming hand-coding
- Simplified site navigation - Makes it easy for customers to find what they want, fast
- Run-time Efficiency - Queries don't hit the server more than once, so it won't bog down your users

New in this version:
- Support for Dreamweaver MX 2004

Access: Insert Menu -> WebAssist -> Dynamic Dropdowns; Server Behaviors -> WA Dynamic Dropdowns; Behaviors -> WA Dynamic Dropdowns