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WA FileUp Integration Kit ver. 1.0.3

Posted By: xelbe
WA FileUp Integration Kit ver. 1.0.3

WA FileUp Integration Kit ver. 1.0.3 | 5,75 Mb
SoftArtisan's FileUp server control is the standard for transactional file uploads and secure downloads. It allows dynamic = “true” applications to quickly accept, save, and manipulate files uploaded via a browser. Brought to you by our partnership with SoftArtisan's, this integration kit allows the UltraDev user to quickly and easily implement FileUp functionality without the need to hand code complex server side script. Our rich graphical user interfaces expose much of FileUp's advanced functionality such as ability to create ZIP or CAB archives on the fly or use MTS to synchronize transactions. While simple and easy to use, the WA FileUp Integration Kit also allows users to hand code functionality and include custom server side code – making it an 'extensible' extension!

+ New in version 1.0.3 - MX compatible

+ Suite contains five server behaviors:
Object Definition - insert and define properties for your FileUp object
Upload - add upload capabilities to your FileUp object definition
Upload Blob - upload directly into a field in your ODBC compliant database
Download - add download capabilities to your FileUp object definition
Download Blob - download directly from a field in your ODBC compliant database

+ Two behaviors:
Set hidden to filename - sets the value of a hidden form element to the filename of a file form element
Validate extension - add on to the Advanced Form Validations of the JIK that verifies the file extension from a file form element is in an accepted list.

+ Supports UltraDev 1, UltraDev 4, and Dreamweaver MX

+ Supports JavaScript and VBScript implementations

+ Easily upload or download from form elements placed on your page, custom script, or values from a recordset placed on your page.

+ Full control of your FileUp object definition including properties such as its default path, maximum file size, or if you want to use MTS to log transactions.

+ Upload from form element values, custom script, or database values. Advanced functionality allows you to perform such tasks as automatically expanding any ZIP or CAB archive after the upload is complete or redirecting to a specified page after the upload is finished.

+ Download from form element values, custom script, or database values (extension automatically creates a ZIP or CAB file on the fly when downloading multiple files at a time).

+ Extension creates all of the server side code for you - no need to hand code

+ Extensive help docuemntation and samples for general upload and download issues as well as implementation hints.

Access: Server Behaviors -> WA FileUp -> Object Definition