WA QueryBuilder 2.11

Posted By: xelbe
WA QueryBuilder 2.11

WA QueryBuilder 2.11 | 0,7 Mb

Your customers need to find things – how are you going to help? Will they be able to search by keyword? Date? Category?
WA QueryBuilder gives you complete control, and will even do the dirty work for you. Within minutes, you'll have powerful search functionality for your application – and all without writing a single line of code.

- Quick to market - Creates advanced search functionality, with minimal effort
- Native to Dreamweaver - Works seamlessly with the Dreamweaver Master Detail Page Set Application Object
- Powerful search comparisons - Helps you design custom search interfaces enabling your customers to find what they want, fast
- Easy to use - create search applications without writing any code

New in this version:
- Support for Dreamweaver MX 2004
- Direct support for Form bindings
- Enhanced user interface

Access: Server Behaviors -> WA QueryBuilder; Insert -> WebAssist -> Insert Search Form; Help Menu -> WebAssist -> QueryBuilder