WakeField Soft AudioList Plus ver.4.5.7

Posted By: gaudeamus
WakeField Soft AudioList Plus ver.4.5.7

WakeField Soft AudioList Plus ver.4.5.7 | 5,46 MB

AudioList™ is your complete audio, CD, MP3, and music organization and inventory software for Palm OS® handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! Keep track of your collection of tapes, CDs, music, MP3s, etc. that you own, that you have heard, that you have loaned, that you want to buy, and more.

Feature Highlights:

* PC companion software for convenient adding and editing on your desktop PC (Plus version)
* Download CD info from the internet for automatic entry, including cover graphics
* Database importing, including MP3 file library importing
* Multiple sort and filter options
* Define your own genres, ratings, labels, status lists, and more
* Comprehensive list of fields