Wallpaper Of Wow + Screensavers & Vista DreamScenes AiO [vertigo173]

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Wallpaper Of Wow + Screensavers & Vista DreamScenes AiO [vertigo173]

Credit goes to the original artist of "Wallpaper of Wow"

AiO, AiO icon, Wow Screensavers, Wow DreamScenes, Installers & widescreen wallpapers by: vertigo173


After I saw the "Wallpaper of Wow" I was left speechless. I decided I had to make widescreen versions, screensavers, and not to forget the Vista users…DreamScenes!

Wallpaper Of Wow Full Screen preview

Wallpaper Of Wow Widescreen preview

3 long days in the making! Hope you all enjoy this.



Wallpaper Of Wow
- 39 Full Screen wallpapers
- 39 Widescreen wallpapers

Wallpaper Of Wow [Full Screen] preview
Wallpaper Of Wow [Widescreen] preview

Wow DreamScenes
- Wow DreamScene 1440x900 [widescreen]
- Wow DreamScene 1600x1200 [full screen]

DreamScene Content preview

Wow Screensaver Full Screen
Wow Screensaver Widescreen

Wow Screensavers - Vista 64-bit Problem [work-around]

Wow DreamScene Demo video

Note: DreamScenes only work in Vista 32-bit & Vista 64-bit. A video card that supports the Aero glass theme is required, and the Aero glass scheme must be enabled before using DreamScene. You can download the DreamScene Preview via Windows Update.


Special Notes:

The "Wallpaper Of Wow" wallpapers included are the original 1600x1200 wallpapers. I made widescreen versions by cropping them to 1440x900. The widescreen versions are not stretched, they are cropped. Widescreen wallpapers were edited in Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006. Installer made with Setup Factory 7. Install the resolution that fits your monitor.

The Wow DreamScenes were edited with Camtasia Studio 3, using all 39 wallpapers, encoded to Techsmith AVI, uncompressed, 15fps. 2 separate AVI's were created: 1600x1200 & 1440x900. Each image displays for 10 seconds with a 3 second fade-in effect to the next image. The 1600x1200 AVI was 4.29GB & the 1440x900 AVI was 3.35GB! Both AVI's were then encoded using Canopus ProCoder 2 to Windows Media Format, 5/Mbps video bit rate, 15fps, with gamma correction set to 90. Both DreamScenes' running times are 8 minutes & 24 seconds long. It took a long time to make these DreamScenes! DreamScenes will only work in Windows Vista. You will need to download the DreamScene Preview via Windows Update. Your video card must be able to support the Aero glass theme, and it needs to be enabled. After you install the DreamScenes, go to the Display Properties in Vista, then go the the Background section, choose DreamScene Content, and then choose the DreamScene. 1600x1200 is for Full Screen monitors, and the 1440x900 is for Widescreen monitors. Installer made with Setup Factory 7. Install the resolution that fits your monitor.

The Wow screensavers were made using the original 1600x1200 wallpapers, and also the 1440x900 widescreen wallpapers that I made. The screensavers were created with Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 3 at the highest quality. Each image displays for 10 seconds with a fade-in effect to the next image. These screensavers work in Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Server 2003 32-bit, Windows Server 2003 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit. Install the resolution that fits your monitor.

The Wow DreamScene Demo video was recorded in Vista 32-bit using Camtasia Studio 4 at 1680x1050 resolution. The Techsmith AVI was then encoded to WMV using Canopus ProCoder 2 at 1/Mbps, 10fps, at 1680x1048 resolution. The demo video is only 1 minute long. This should give you an idea of what the Wow DreamScene looks like in action. The fade effects in the demo video are not close to the real thing. The actual fade effects in the DreamScene are nice and fluid.

AiO menus were created using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006. AiO was made in AutoPlay Media Studio 6.

The background song, "Dream," was mixed and edited in Adobe Audition 1.5, then encoded to WMA using Nero Wave Editor. The original song was called, "Calm," and I have no idea where I got it. LOL!

Everything in this AiO was fully tested in:

Windows XP Pro SP2 32-bit
Windows XP Pro SP2 64-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit

Wow Screensavers Vista 64-bit Problem:

If you install the screensavers in Vista 64-bit, and then you choose not to use any of the Wow Screensavers, but then you change your mind…you might notice that the Wow Screensavers are not in the Screensaver list anymore. Here's how to get around this Vista 64-bit bug…

Go to the Start Orb, locate the Wow Screensaver folder in the program list, expand the folder until you see the screensaver file. Now, right-click on the screensaver file, then choose "Install." This will then add the Wow Screensaver back into the screensaver list in the Display Properties.

For Vista 32-bit, I didn't have this problem. Only in Vista 64-bit.


Thanks & Enjoy!

- vertigo173