Wallpaper Master Pro 1.50

Posted By: Alexpal
Wallpaper Master Pro - это программа для автоматической смены обоев рабочего стола Windows. Удобный интерфейс, множество функций, легкая в настройке и использовании.

Wallpaper Master Pro 1.50 | 1,76 Mb

Wallpaper Master is a powerful and highly customizable desktop wallpaper manager and cycler.
It will automatically change your background wallpaper with a huge range of options, and is great for indexing large collections of personal photos or any kind of image.
You can create your own categories using images on your computer, and it will cycle through your images automatically in whatever order you specify: in a shuffle mode, listed order, or based on your personal ratings. The program also has auto-size options to make sure your images are displayed with optimal size.

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