Warez Link Collector v1.5.1

Posted By: rohanmishra
Warez Link Collector v1.5.1

Warez Link Collector is the dawn of the new era of link sharing.

We present you a total ground breaking piece of software.
It offers all the latest of the 0days from the scene. It's primary source of links
is the great FIXDOWN. Who would'nt like have a software which gives them the direct
links; rather, if you compare, you go out in the wild to search the software you
want, you get it on your desktop!

It has got a very powerful search engine. The wildcard option gives you the edge to
search for any software in seconds. And yes, it does not search from the internet,
it searches from its own local database. So, you don't have to worry if you are
connected to the internet or not, while using the software.
And what's more it's database is updated every single day.

Hence, with the backing of The Cavern Forum, and alot of supporters of our project,
we hope Warez Link Collector touch the unforseen heights in the future.

So, why wait, go get it !

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Download -

Password for Installation File - (This is actually the password to the installation file.)

For Updating the Software - (Here it is mentioned in How do I update ? question.)