WashAndGo v8.71

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WashAndGo v8.71

WashAndGo v8.71 | 2,2 MB

The latest version of WashAndGo, the PC "scrubbing brush" software, enables users to simply and easily clean their PC hard disk, freeing disk space and speeding access to important data.

The new version of WashAndGo can help by removing garbage files and unnecessary entries with a single mouse click. WashAndGo is a clean-up tool, which can easily be used by everyone. It lists the different garbage types and starts a first examination with a single mouse click. Afterwards the user can look to a list of detected garbage files and authorize WashAndGo to remove them. Sven Abels, the author of WashAndGo knows: "Who hasn't tidied up his computer for a long time will be very surprised about this high amount of superfluous files. The disk space, which was freed, can be recognized immediately. Get a clean, lean and mean System with WashAndGo."

WashAndGo was completely renewed in its latest version. It can detect and remove garbage files, 0 byte files, duplicate DLL libraries, superfluous and outdated service pack files, wrong Uninstall entries and much more. It can even empties the browser cache for the InternetExplorer, Opera and Firefox and it tidies up the Windows Registry and deletes files in the Temp folder. Those who would like to be on the safe side can switch on the security option of WashAndGo. This enables each user to recover all removed files for 14 days, if necessary.

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