WatchDog ver.8.5

Posted By: FatBuu
WatchDog Parental Control software limits, protects and monitors what your users do on the computer.

Limit how much they use the computer and when. Put time limits on programs or stop them from ever running. Block web sites and other web material.

Protect your Windows machine by restricting where they go and what they can change.

Monitor web sites, applications, chat rooms and emails. Record every key stroke and take screen shots of the session. Spy on what they're doing from wherever you are.

WatchDog is ideal for:

Parents who want to limit how much time their children spend on the computer and what they can do on the internet.

Libraries and Schools to lock down their computer systems and kick off users who hog the machines.

Cyber Cafés that want to bill customers for computer usage and restrict what they can do.