Wealth-Lab Pro v 4.3.36

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Wealth-Lab Pro v 4.3.36

Wealth-Lab Pro v 4.3.36 | 16.95 mb

Welcome to Wealth-Lab.comTM, the first interactive trading system
▒ development laboratory on the web. Develop and back test your own
▒ stock market trading systems, and explore the systems contributed by
▒ other members. We rank all submitted trading systems monthly, so you
▒ see which strategies are working best in the current market
▒ conditions.

What Is It?

Wealth-Lab Pro® is a Windows-based software application that enables both novice and experienced system developers to design, build, back-test, and execute customized trading strategies.
How Do I Get It?

Eligibility: Available free to customers who place 120+ trades/year and have $25,000 in assets