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Web Replay

Web Replay | Win32 | Size: 3,47 Mb

Web Replay is a full featured password manager with built-in web surfing automation. It memorizes the steps of your repetitive browsing as tasks allowing you to replay them later with one click right from Internet Explorer toolbar. One click logon to your web accounts: With only one click, Web Replay opens a new Internet Explorer window, navigates to login page, fills the login form and pushes the login button for you. Built-in password generator: A powerful password generator helps you create combinations resistant to dictionary and brute-force attacks.

Portability: Install Web Replay on a removable drive (a USB flash drive for example) to carry your passwords and tasks always with you and use them on multiple computers. Just plug-in the removable drive and launch Web Replay to access your passwords and tasks. When you're done, pull it off and any trace of Web Replay disappears from that computer.


One-click login to online accounts!

À Never forget or type passwords and usernames anymore.
À Strengthen your passwords and protect them from being stolen.
À Log on to any online account with one click on Internet
Explorer Toolbar
À Install Web Replay on a removable USB drive to carry your
passwords with you. New!
À Simplify your web surfing and avoid repetitive and mundane
online tasks like:
À paying off minimum payment for a credit card
À paying bills online
À checking credit card balance
À tracking an online shopping order
À à.and you know more

Best password manager ever!

À Real One-Click Login
À First password manager that automates changing passwords
À Recognizes and fills out most complex login forms
À Allows you to manage multiple usernames and passwords for the
same site.
À Internet Explorer look and feel. No fancy and obstrusive
toolbars. Highly customizable interface.
À Automating logins is great. But Web Replay goes further. It
automates all repetitive tasks beyond login. It does the whole
job for you.

Automate mundane and repetitive!

You only click a button and Web Replay:
À opens a new Internet Explorer window
À navigates to your login page
À fills in the login form
À pushes the "Sign In button"
À navigates further to fulfill your saved task



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