WebcamXP Pro v2.18.242

Posted By: Samsong

webcamXP Pro is a powerful webcam utility that allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on your computer.

The web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few configuration parameters such as server port and local directory.

With the pro version , you get everything from the free version and :

· supports up to 5 video sources on the same computer
· http server AND ftp upload mode integrated
· motion detector and alert manager (email / local capture / ...)
· generates and share a gallery from your latest pictures
· ban ip / password protect to prevent unwanted visitors
· add you text over the picture
· detailed visitors activites / log files
· customize the position, the size or even add stroke to your overlay texts
· real-time effects can be added over your pictures
· remote administation
· integrated chat system
· audio streaming feature (live source / from file) (experimental and still in dev.)