WebROOT Spy Sweeper 4.5.5 Build 607 *REPACKED* обнаружение и удаление SpyWare модулей

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WebROOT Spy Sweeper 4.5.5 Build 607 REPACKED
Обнаружение и удаление SpyWare модулей | Best Anti-Spyware Protection

Spy Sweeper lets you protect your privacy and your computer from a variety of spyware programs, from those that monitor all of your computer's activities (system monitors) to those that can steal or destroy data (Trojan horses). It also detects programs that pop up ads on your computer when the program is running (adware) and cookies that may contain and may transmit personal information (tracking cookies). Spy Sweeper "sweeps" your computer looking for evidence of these programs, reports its findings, and lets you decide whether to quarantine and remove the program or keep it running on your system. Quarantining and removing programs will disable it until you decide to delete the program completely or restore it.

• Comprehensive sweeps eliminate spyware in minutes
• Smart shields conveniently block spyware before it installs on your PC
• One-of-a-kind research system uncovers spyware threats faster for better protection
• Unparalleled protection with the most frequently updated threat database

New Features in Version 4.5.5:
• Advanced Blocking and Detection - Using new FlexDef technology, Spy Sweeper can identify and eliminate never-before-seen spyware on the fly - without the need for a specific definition. This break-through advance is just another of the many layers of protection you get with Spy Sweeper.
• New Smart Shields - Four new Smart Shields (16 different shields in total) provide greater protection from new spyware installations.
- ActiveX Shield - prevents spyware from using ActiveX controls to install on your PC.
- Spy Communication Shield - blocks incoming and outgoing communication to malicious Web sites known to host potential spyware threats.
- BHO Shield - stops the installation of unwanted toolbars that track Web site activities or install other add-ons without your consent.
- IE Trusted Sites Shield - prevents spyware from adding unwanted Internet Explorer Web site entries .
• Comprehensive Removal Technology (CRT) - Using new patent-pending removal technology, Spy Sweeper effectively disables the most sophisticated spyware programs - ones that are specifically designed to avoid detection and removal. This advanced technology saves you time and effort by removing these vicious threats in one sweep - with no need for multiple reboots.
• Aggressive Removal of Sophisticated Spies - Spy Sweeper definitely defeats spyware programs that employ the most malicious technology today - "rootkits" - which bury and hide spyware files deep with your PC, and are invisible to most anti-spyware programs.
• Improved User Interface - The Spy Sweeper dashboard lets you quickly view all crucial information about recent sweep results, as well as spy defense updates, subscription status, and more. Plus, you now get a graphical display of the risk level for each threat Spy Sweeper finds making it easier to understand the danger spyware poses to your security.
• Faster Automated Definition Downloads - Spy Sweeper now downloads only the new or modified definitions to ensure you have the most up-to-date protection available - instantaneously.

Enhanced Proactive Protection:
Smart Shields block attempted spyware installations before they can infect your computer.

Regular Definitions Updates:
Spyware and adware programs morph frequently, and your safety from these and other unwanted programs is entirely dependent on having the latest update to the Spy Sweeper definitions database.

Software detected by Webroot Spy Sweeper

Adware is advertising-supported software that displays pop-up advertisements whenever the program is running. The software is usually available via free download from the Internet, and it is the advertisements that create revenue for the company. Although seemingly harmless (aside from intrusiveness and annoyance of pop-up ads), adware can install components onto your computer that track personal information (including your age, gender, location, buying preferences, surfing habits, etc.). Most advertising supported software doesn't inform you that it installs adware on your system, other than via buried reference in a license agreement. In many cases the software will not function without the adware component. Some Adware can install itself on your computer even if you decline the offer.

System Monitors Software:
System monitors are applications designed to monitor computer activity to various degrees. These programs can capture virtually everything you do on your computer including recording all keystrokes, emails, chat room dialogue, web sites visited, and programs run. System monitors usually run in the background so that you do not know that you are being monitored. The information gathered by the system monitor is stored on your computer in an encrypted log file for later retrieval. Some programs are capable of emailing the log files to another location. Traditionally, system monitors had to be installed by someone with administrative access to your computer, such as a system administrator or someone that shares your computer. However, there has been a recent wave of system monitoring tools disguised as email attachments or "freeware" software products.

Trojan Horses:
Trojan Horses or Trojans are malicious programs that appear as harmless or desirable applications. Trojans are designed to cause loss or theft of computer data, and to destroy your system. Some Trojans, called RATs (Remote Administration Tools), allow an attacker to gain unrestricted access of your computer whenever you are online. The attacker can perform activities such as file transfers, adding/deleting files or programs, and controlling the mouse and keyboard. Trojans are generally distributed as email attachments or bundled with another software program.

There are many other suspicious and/or annoying programs that can find their way onto your computer without your express knowledge. These programs often come bundled with third-party programs or can be installed as "drive-by downloads." Some of these programs have spyware capabilities, while others may serve as an annoyance or negatively affect your system resources


Minimum System Requirements:
- Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me or XP
- 300 Mhz processor
- 25 MB hard drive space
- 128 MB RAM
- Supports Internet Explorer


In case one of these serials gets blacklisted and you cant update anymore, copy updater.exe to your spysweeper dir, and use it to update your definitions.


There is no any virus in Updater---DVTupdater.exe
Go here and check:
updater.exe packed by UPACK
>updater.exe - OK

Проверенный файл: updater.exe
updater.exe - в порядке

Scanned file: updater.exe
updater.exe - OK


8,65 MB (9 073 162 bytes)


REPACK NOTES: Go to "install-dat---good-one" folder and read there.