WiFi Hopper v 1.2

Posted By: IAtiger
WiFi Hopper v 1.2

WiFi Hopper can:

- List networks detected by wireless networking devices.
- List detailed information including Ssid, MAC Address, signal, network mode, encryption status (WEP, WPA), frequency, channel, physical layer and beacon interval.
- Connect to open and WEP protected networks.
WiFi Hopper is better than similar software because:

- Unlike traditional WLAN analyzing software, WiFi Hopper supports connecting to open and WEP protected networks.
- WiFi Hopper includes a protocol driver to talk directly to wireless devices. This means that WiFi Hopper is always up-to-date and the information presented by
- WiFi Hopper is the most recent.
- WiFi Hopper is low-priced, feature rich and has a simple uncluttered user
- WiFi Hopper uses standard Windows NDIS interfaces and can therefore support almost all wireless networking devices.

Download is 3.8mb No Password