Wimpy MP3 Player 5.0.16

Posted By: gsa18
Wimpy MP3 Player 5.0.16

Wimpy MP3 Player 5.0.16
Lists and plays an entire directory full of MP3 files automatically

Key Features
* A web based podcast mp3 player for your website. Let Wimpy automatically play and generate your podcasst feed.
* Get full control over how your streaming mp3 player looks. Skin Machine allows you to design your own custom player.
* Use the online customizer tool to control functionality an incorporate the mp3 player into your site.
* Display SWF or JPG cover art for each track, per folder or for each playlist.
* Put a URL to a shopping cart item into the "comments" tag (ID3 or XML playlist ) to link the mp3 player to your shopping cart.
* Run Wimpy MP3 Player off of a JavaScript playlist.
* Run the Wimpy streaming MP3 Player off of an XML playlist.
* Run Wimpy MP3 Player off of a MySQL database. (PHP version only).
* Skins can be created using "Skin Machine." Skins are applied using the Customizer Tool, which generates the necessary HTML code to use a skin, and also allows you to control the player's behavior.