Window Power Tools ver.5.0.2005

Posted By: teamboy
Window Power Tools ver.5.0.2005

Window Power Tools ver.5.0.2005 | 6 MB

Make your PC sky rocket, boost your Internet speed, optimize and increase your RAM, Clean your Hard drive and boost performance up to 300% with Window Power Tools - The best optimizing suite for Windows.

# Increases your Internet Speed.
# Makes your PC Faster.
# Gives More RAM and Frees up wasted Memory.
# Secures your PC and prevents Hackers from Attacking it.
# Encrypts files with 160 bit SHA1 Encryption.
# Adds Lockup to your PC Desktop.
# Recovers hundreds of Megabytes of wasted space.
# Scans and Deletes Over 71 types of Garbage and Junk Files.
# Cleans Cookies, Temp Files, Temp Internet Files, Types URL's( I.E)
# Analyzes and Cleans Junk clusters to boost system performance.
# Optimizes Windows DLL handling functions, file paging executive & Improves Windows shutdown speed.
# Optimizes File Allocation Size.
# Cleans Prefetch & Accelerates IRQ Handling.
# Fine Tune your System for Optimal Performance