Windows XP Demonoid Edition

Posted By: sahib

Windows XP Demonoid Edition

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- 107 Themes

- 150 styles

Upon reboot after install, a java script launches my theme that I made in Skin Studio

Keeping the size to 700 MB:

Version 2.0.4

Added KB883667 Hotfix.

Added KB904942 Hotfix.

Added KB906216 Hotfix. Replaces KB891781 Hotfix.

Added KB907870 Hotfix. Replaces KB897574 Hotfix.

Added KB912475 Hotfix.

Added KB913425 Hotfix. Replaces KB892559 Hotfix.

Added KB913538 Hotfix.

Added KB914028 Hotfix. Replaces KB884868 Hotfix.

Removed KB900730 Hotfix.

Updated KB912817 Hotfix to v2.

Added limited support for winnt.exe and winnt32.exe based installs. (Thanks to forum member JSe for figuring out how)

Microsoft Update shortcut now created on Start Menu.

Updated Malicious Software Removal Tool to version 1.14.

Updated Microsoft Management Console 3.0.

Updated Package Installer for Windows to version

Updated Windows Genuine Advantage Tool to version 1.5.512.0.

All recent updates integrated, didn't add anything except Styles Xp.

Also some goodies in software folder:

- Windowblind 5.1
- UX Theme patch

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sahib :)