WinReporter 3.04

Posted By: quil__23

WinReporter allows you to scan all computers in your Windows network and stores the information into a database allowing you to display and analyze it through reports.
General features
Selection of computers to scan by AD browsing, by network browsing, by IP range and/or manually
Ability to scan trusted domains, non-trusted domains and workgroups
Ability to use snapshots in order to follow the evolution of the network
Use of multithreading technology to allow high speed network scanning
Easy Install, no deployment agent required
Ability to schedule scans
SnapShot Manager to modify, merge or transfer snapshots
New scan mode allowing to simply update an existing scan
Reporter can now export computers listed in a report to RemoteExec file format, allowing the combination of both software tools, thus providing a very powerful patch management solution
Sort Tab for displayed fields on most reports
Reporter Command Line Mode Allowing automated reporting
Grouping per AD container, option giving AD explorer display per report. Table Folder for raw data display
Improved Exporting
Supported databases: MS Access, SQL server and Oracle